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Environment Hack - Hacking for a Better Place

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We’re happy to announce a new event we’re running in collaboration with the Environment Agency in Bristol. Environment Hack will be bringing together software/hardware developers, Environment Agency experts and interesting data. The goal is to create cool demos that showcase how technology can help us all be more green and environmentally responsible.

Get your ticket now and we will see you in March.

On another note, we have 2 more exciting events coming up this year. Put BarCamp Berkshire 2 and HACKED in your diary and we will notify you in time when tickets will become available.

Movie Club #1

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This Monday we’re holding the first Geeks of London Movie Club. This will be a monthly meetup for fans of movies to get out of the house and enjoy a movie with other geeks.

Our first movie will be The Amazing Spider-Man, but the next movies will be chosen by you.

The Amazing Spider-Man



Seeing as this movie isn’t starting very early we decided we should meet up before for food instead of after for drinks.


We don’t have a signup for this event but let us know on Lanyrd if you’re coming, it would be great to have some numbers.

The Geeks of London Movie Club

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Been missing out on the latest great movies? Not feeling like going to the movies on your own? Introducing: The Geeks of London Movie Club

Read on or sign up below to get notified of our first outing.

The Geeks of London Movie Club


How it will work

  • We pick the 1st movie, next ones voted by attendees
  • Movie announced at least 2 weeks before on site and via email (see form below)
  • You pay for your own ticket (though we recommend you get a Cineworld Unlimited pass, see below)
  • Drinks afterwards or before at a nearby pub (TBD)
  • No need to attend every one of them

Sign up to be notified

What movies?

These are just some of the great movies still to come in 2012.

And many more on the calendar.

Cineworld Unlimited 1 month free

If you have a Cineworld near you it might be worth looking at a Cineworld Unlimited pass. For £14.99 a month you get access to all the Cineworlds in the UK (except the ones in the London West End). That’s less than the cost of 2 tickets at the Cineworld at The O2 Greenwich.

Sign up on and use the code below to get 1 month extra (and get some of the Geeks of London crew one month free too):


BarCamp London 10?

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The last 3 years we’ve been running BarCamp London. Initially as a loose group from the BarCamp community and eventually as Geeks of London. We enjoyed running them but sadly this year it looks like we’re simply not going to have the time.

Between BarCamp Berkshire, some other events we have planned for later in the year, and all of us getting jobs that are more demanding than in previous years, we simply don’t have the time.

So here’s a call to arms: you should run BarCamp London this year!

We welcome any group of people excited enough to give it a try. We might not be able to help directly but we think we’ve worked very hard in the last few years to make it easier for someone to take it over from us. We have a large list of regular attendees, the mailing lists, the twitter account, the domains, and most importantly the relationships with our previous sponsors.

So let us know on if you want to run it this year, we are looking forward to attending your BarCamp London 10!

The London Embassy @ SXSW 2012

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SXSW is now just under three months away and with hotels filling up fast we are planning to setup a London Embassy in Austin during SXSW Interactive from March 7th to March 14th for fellow Brits and our friends!

Sign Up for Info

Pre-Christmas Photowalk

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Grab your camera, put on your walking shoes and come on a photowalk down the River Thames!

Who should come on this photowalk? Anyone! Beginners, pros and anyone interesting in learning more about photography are welcome.

Join us! We’ll walk, talk, snap, and learn together.

We’ll meet outside the entrance of the Observatory in Greenwich Park at 13:00. Look for Bryn Salisbury (picture) and Betsy Weber (picture).

The route is 15.1km. and we will end up Westminister for some night photography followed by dinner.

Our hashtag for the walk is: #ldnphotogs

Contact Bryn (@bryns) or Betsy (@betsyweber) with questions or if you want to catch up midway.

FreeAgent Sponsor

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As Geeks of London is a non-profit we’re always very happy to see the support from sponsors. We’re happy to announce that FreeAgent Central is now an official Geeks of London sponsor.


FreeAgent Central are the developers of FreeAgent, a web-based accounting and money management tool for freelancers and small businesses.

Thousands of freelancers and small businesses are discovering a stress-free way to manage their books and invoicing.