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The Geeks of London Movie Club

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Been missing out on the latest great movies? Not feeling like going to the movies on your own? Introducing: The Geeks of London Movie Club

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The Geeks of London Movie Club


How it will work

  • We pick the 1st movie, next ones voted by attendees
  • Movie announced at least 2 weeks before on site and via email (see form below)
  • You pay for your own ticket (though we recommend you get a Cineworld Unlimited pass, see below)
  • Drinks afterwards or before at a nearby pub (TBD)
  • No need to attend every one of them

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What movies?

These are just some of the great movies still to come in 2012.

And many more on the calendar.

Cineworld Unlimited 1 month free

If you have a Cineworld near you it might be worth looking at a Cineworld Unlimited pass. For £14.99 a month you get access to all the Cineworlds in the UK (except the ones in the London West End). That’s less than the cost of 2 tickets at the Cineworld at The O2 Greenwich.

Sign up on and use the code below to get 1 month extra (and get some of the Geeks of London crew one month free too):